Atlantic Groove, based out of Salisbury, North Carolina is comprised of musicians with a combined average of 27 years professional experience. The Band features 5 vocalists from the six members on stage to also include a 2 piece horn section. Atlantic Groove is fortunate to have a wide variety of music in the most popular genres including Carolina Beach, R&B, Rock, Funk, Disco and Country. The band and each member professionally adapts to any venue whether it be a formal "black tie” event, business casual event, festival, clubs, or just a party. Atlantic Groove continually is passionate to meet all the needs and special requests from their clients and to make each and every guest felt, as if they were a part of the Atlantic Groove show.
"There are many brilliant musicians who are not famous - there are just as many famous musicians that are far from brilliant. "Entertainment" is completely based on taste. Musicianship is an individual journey where success is measured only by the individual and his or her ability to fully realize passion. Music is meant for healing, rejoicing, and enduring in all cultures - not competition. Just dig it all and do your thing, you never know who you are healing when you play, could be yourself  =)"
Andrew Irvine - Bassist....... Fraser,Colorado


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